Get the little ones involved

Here is an excellent link to an article from Brian Gehring.  He talks about getting other people involved in duck hunting and how much fun it can be to introduce someone to the sport.


Here is something to get everyone excited!

A nice video recorded a couple of years ago by our very own Woods N Water.

Great Article on Scouting for Ducks

It is the first day of September and there is a lot of excitement in the air.  People are predicting how their favorite football team will perform, dove season will open in just a few days, and of course duck season will be here soon.

Many people enjoy duck hunting but sometimes it can be quite a disappointment when there are no birds in a spot they have dreamed about for days.  Check out John Pollman’s article on scouting year round for ducks.

Duck Mallard Delta Small

   John Pollman scouting year round

Hello world!

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